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A peek into my life

It is determined by on the ways we had been raised and I am pretty sure all of us posses our supposed ‘dream occupation’ and while some simply fancy the kind of cozy and gorgeous office employment perched behind the table, this is certainly just not my type. I was at one point of time, living under such illusion. You may feel it is very funny but I completely believed at one juncture in time that dressing up in professional workplace clothing was the way to go. Naturally, I was highly charged upon college commencement and was driven to map my future success.


It is amazing how drastically things have changed since then. I started to recognize that in real life, business career is not as wonderful as what I considered to be. Don’t be misguided. It is not that I didn’t manage to enter large corporations and as a matter of fact, I secure myself right into among the many world’s most admired firms. Unfortunately the two years I spent there was really not fun and no matter how much I wanted to enjoy my endeavor, I simply could not do it up to the point where I ultimately considered enough was enough.

Some folks will label me capricious or inexperienced but I presume that I’ve prepared what I’m obligated to do before making my move, for example finding out how my friends were settling with their work. The awful truth is while I found a few of them to be happy, the vast majority were not and they are dreadful with regards to their lifestyle possibly as much as I did. It’s not so much about the income. As most of us were working in basically thriving companies, we were favorably paid monetarily.


My occupation could not be more safeguarded. Simply, it was the office politics that triggered my desire. I made an effort but I wasn’t able to be who I’m not to be. I love arguing but strictly when everyone argue on the benefits of an idea instead of some hidden agenda. I made an effort to picture what I want to be 2 or three decades from this moment and I assured myself that I finds it hard to picture myself doing the identical stuff and be happy. I just have one life and I should treasure it. Since my commitment to call it quit, I never look backward and it is a decision that I won’t feel sorry for.

As for me, I am still better off than most of my classmates as I kept my lifestyle easy and accumulated adequate savings for the two years to enable me to realize my interest now. I am at this point relishing myself 100% of the time and as opposed to formerly when I had to dread lingering for the clock to touch 6, time marches on nowadays.

This blog is part of my pastime and side activities. I take it as my personal diary, but a digital one. If you think my articles or blog posts useful, that is good. However otherwise, I still have to thank you for stopping by.