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Eat Your Fruit!

The doctors advice is to eat at least five fruits a day. How can you eat five fruits a day? A juicer is the solution to your concern. Efficiently produce the five kinds of fruits a day and effectively acquire all the nutrients for your everyday needs.

Fruits and vegetables can be a very good source of vitamins and nutrients. Processed juice drinks have been made affordable on any groceries and convenient stores. I have tried some of them but I still love my homemade mix fruits and vegetables juice. It’s also healthier to juice on your own, a typical fruit juice sometimes contain too much processed sugar. Mixing my preferred fruit mix I can play which fruits and vegetables has a colorful outcome. I can also adjust the taste whether to add some honey or a sugar syrup. And you know what, it is less cheaper to blend your own juice. All you need is just a juicer and you can have a tasty juice more that you’ll ever wanted.

Fresh juice is also good for the kids instead of giving them soft drinks or processed juice. You have an assurance that they are drinking natural juice that is less sugar, 100% pure and safe from any artificial flavor or color.

For home party and gatherings, I serve a freshly mix juice instead of ready mix juice in a bottle. Not necessarily following the five fruit mix thou. Design each glass with artistic fruits cuts and straw to make it look gorgeous. Simple yet healthy and very natural way to serve foods and drinks with style.

There is no limit to what kind of fruits and vegetable mix to have on each serving. For as long as you know the fruits or vegetables that can be eaten rare, your free to mix and match those. There are vegetable that needs to be cooked such as pumpkin, potato to name a few.  Sometimes I add some sprinkles or toppings on each glass of juice mix. Cinnamon powder, sweetened or unsweetened chocolate powder or sometimes icings to make it more tastier.

Whichever way I mix my juices, what’s important is I have consumed five kinds of fruits and vegetables everyday. Either to drink it in the morning, after meals or during snacks I make sure I have it at least one glass a day. Mixed juice is easier than to eat five fruits throughout the day as I am a busy mom. Being busy with all the house chores gives me a chance to omit at least one or two fruits a day.

5 Ways To Good Health

Staying healthy is essential for living a long life. We often carry a busy schedule that leads us to filling ourselves with junk; develop bad sleeping habits and lack of movement daily. You can make small steps to change your habits today and then increase them over time to achieve the best overall health one can have.

Take time to exercise

Exercising not only help you lose weight but it’s important to do so in order to maintain it. Also it helps keep your heart regulated, blood pressure down, cholesterol level stable, etc. If exercising is not already apart of your lifestyle, try adding some movements throughout the day. An example would be, instead of parking the car close to your place of employment, park toward the end of the parking lot. Those steps from the car to work can make a difference in your overall health.

Drink a lot of water

The idea of drinking water is simple yet a hard task to complete on a daily basis. Due to our busy lifestyle we often drink sodas, coffee and juice more than we do water. By allowing more water into our body we have strong bones, joints and healthy organs. Sodas can actually increase dehydration, which does more harm to the body than we are aware of. Try this: for every cup of coffee or bottle of soda drink a glass of water behind it. If you can drop all the sodas, it will be even perfect. If you look at the amount of sugar, you’ll realize that stopping all those sodas are the key to losing that extra pounds and improve your health.

Get more sleep

The amount of sleep you got the previous night can set the tone for the next morning. Waking up with only a few hours of sleep will leave you feeling sluggish, tired and running to grab a cup of coffee for a boost of energy. The caffeine in the coffee will only last for a few hours and by the middle of your workday your body is ready to crash. Try getting at least 8 hours of sleep to improve your overall mood and immune system.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

We should be maintaining a healthy diet, which consist of lean meat, fruit and a lot of vegetables for a low fat and high fiber diet. The recommended daily intake is 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables. If you eat three meals a day you can easily add 2-3 servings each meal. Filling up on fruits and vegetables rather than meat can help improve your digestive system.

Stay away from processed foods

Processed foods mainly come from packaged items. You’ll find nearly all prepackaged foods will have additives that are not healthy for your body. It’s also important to note that the FDA does not regulate these foods so you really have no idea what you are eating. Instead purchase fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. Even frozen fruits and vegetables are okay to buy. Cook your meals at home rather than eating out, this way you know where the meal came from, how it was prepared and cooked.

Take that first step to improve your overall health so that you live a long and happy life!